US, EU, UN Raise Concerns Over Transparency Of Uganda Election

The US, EU, UN and global rights and democracy groups have raised concerns about the integrity and transparency of the Ugandan election taking place today in the East African country.


Only one foreign organisation, the African Union (AU), has sent monitors, along with an AU women’s group.


On Wednesday, the United States, a major aid donor to Uganda, announced it was cancelling a diplomatic observer mission after too many of its staff were denied permission to monitor the election.

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In a statement, US ambassador Natalie Brown warned the refusal meant the election “will lack the accountability, transparency and confidence” brought by independent oversight.

On Tuesday, Museveni announced the suspension of social media networks and messaging services like Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp in response to Facebook closing accounts linked to government officials the tech giant said were spreading misinformation.

Wine is the strongest of 10 opposition contenders trying to unseat Museveni.

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But most observers expect the ageing president and his ruling National Resistance Movement to emerge victorious.

He has never lost an election, and has been counting down the days to victory in confident campaign advertisements, promising to invest more in infrastructure, health and education and build Uganda’s economy.

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