Controversial Nigerian media personality and vlogger, Toke Makinwa has taken to social media to share insights about friendship and what it entails.

In a recent update on her Instagram story, Toke Makinwa stated friendship is not about only drinking champagne and not just for the good times but it is for the uncomfortable truth also.

According to her, part of growing up is being able to tell your friends the ugliest truth without wavering and she admitted that she been the friend that condoned bad behaviour in the past till it was done to her and thus she urged her fans to tell their friends the truth.

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See post below;

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Her post has drawn mixed responses from Instagram users and this is what some said about it.

@bube_aji wrote;

Yeah…. Having friends who can’t tell you the truth is a very bad thing oo. I am not that kind of friend and I don’t want people like that around me abeg. Highest level of hypocrisy

@foodie_that_cooks wrote;

I can’t even be friends with someone I cannot tell the truth to. I’m also thankful for friends that tell me the hard and bitter truth, that’s how you grow! Having a bunch of YES MEN will never make you a better person.

@hottpleasurez wrote;

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Being friends require that good love where you can influence changes in their life. If you cannot tell your friends the truth at all times, then you aren’t really a good friend to them. A lot of people hold the truth from their friends, hence ruining even their own reputation in the long run. Friends say the hard things to each other cos they love each other’s progress.