The lawmaker representing Oyo North in the Senate, Abdulfatai Buhari has asked for a good reason to start Buhari’s impeachment.

Abdulfatai said during a Sallah visit to former Governor Rashidi Ladoja of Oyo State that impeaching a President is a procedure. He also warned against developing issues that were difficult to fix.

The senator said;

“Impeaching the President has a process. Anybody calling for the impeachment of the President should give a good reason. Then, we shall table it, discuss it, and the two chambers must come together. Impeaching the President is not what someone can just wake up one day and call for. There is a procedure for it. Why do you want to cause a problem and create confusion that you cannot solve?

“We have no other country than Nigeria. Nigeria is our country and our home. We should try and do internal security. We should play our own part and should not leave everything to the government alone.

“There should be local police that will be able to know the terrain and each other. We know ourselves no matter how. In the early 80s, we used to travel at night. Something fundamental is missing.”