Lady Cries Out ‘He told me he was a car dealer but after our marriage, I realized he is a mechanic’

Lady Cries Out 'He told me he was a car dealer but after our marriage, I realized he is a mechanic'

Marriage, as we all know, is supposed to bring happiness and joy to both parties. That is why some people marry solely for the purpose of companionship. However, if a person intends to marry but does not enjoy the marriage, it is preferable that he or she remain single. So, in a similar case, a beautiful lady and a car mechanic appear to be unhappy in their relationship.

According to the lady’s account, she appears to have been made to fall into a deep pit without her conscience. This is what she said while interacting with her.

My dream as a young lady has always been to marry a well-known business tycoon. This is because I enjoy showing off my expensive cars, beautiful homes, and so on. As a result, I’ve always put myself in positions that will provide me with that opportunity.

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So, as I was about to open my shop for the day on a beautiful morning, I noticed a nice car pass by. Even though I wasn’t looking that way, my passion for beautiful cars drew my attention to the car. He came to a halt by our side and that’s how he met me.

During our conversation, I asked him what he does for a living, and he said he works in a car dealership. I remember him promising me a car when we got married a long time ago.

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He used to come to see me with different cars while we were still dating. And all of these vehicles were usually brand new. This alone convinced me that he was in the car business. Unbeknownst to me, he would only pay me a visit when a nice car came into their fittering shop.

Even though he is financially secure, I am not content with my new life because he is not my type of man. But I’m not sure how to leave the marriage without offending him.

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