The Cable reports that Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of the Enugu Nigerian Ministry of Adoration (AMEN) was presumably called by the State Services Department (DSS) to Abuja after calling on the president to resign following the challenges of insecurity in the country.

The Catholic Priest addressed congregations on Sunday 6 June saying DSS operatives dropped a letter inviting him to Abuja at his residence in Enugu.

He added that those who were present at this house at the moment didn’t take the letter from DSS Operatives, Mbaka said;

 “I celebrated mass with some of the leaders of the ministry. By Thursday morning, I got a call from where I was, that the DSS people from Abuja came to the gate, and they came with a letter of invitation to Abuja. Over what? What I cannot understand is that the mother church in Nigeria should be “cowed down” to lilliputians.

“All these are attempts to dumbfound the priests of God. All the priests could be dumbfounded but no prophet should be dumbfounded.  The Bible says if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do. 

“I heard the security people did not accept the letter. I said they could have received the letter. They told them Father is coming back to celebrate mass on Sunday, and they can come on Monday to give me the letter. If they know that the anointing flowing from this ground is too hot for them to handle, let them change. 

“Look at the millions of youth moving about jobless, and you call us father. Should the father be comfortable when the children are suffering? What kind of father is that?”

The priest has also pointed out that he’s doing nothing to earn money but only under the anointing of the holy spirit.

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Mbaka added;

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“This is the same Father Mbaka who worked with Eneja and spoke against Abacha and co; who went to Minna and told [Ibrahim] Babangida what was wrong in his time; who, under Bishop Gbuji, went to [Olusegun] Obasanjo face to face and spoke to him. I perform under the anointing of the holy spirit. 

“I don’t do anything to gain money. I do this to save souls and give God glory. Under Bishop Gbuji, I ministered to the late President Yar’adua. I didn’t start now to learn these. I am being used by a higher being called the holy spirit. If he wants to speak through me, who am I to resist him from using me? God forbid.”