Evangelist Says, “I Killed My Wife and Son Because I Smoked Too Much Indian Hemp”

A Nigerian man, Chukwuemeka Obijofa, who killed his wife and son with a shovel last week Tuesday in Anambra State, has said he committed the crime after taking an overdose of Indian hemp.

The suspect, who claimed to be an evangelist, was paraded alongside other suspects in Akwa on Saturday, said all he could remember was that he quarrelled with his wife

Obijofa said he only knew he had committed murder when he opened his eyes at the police station.

Explaining how the unfortunate incident happened, Obijofa said: “I came back to the house to give my wife money to buy some food items because I did not drop enough money for them when I was going out in the morning. When I came back in the afternoon, I saw my wife with two men not known to me.

“I became so angry and pained because I so much loved and trusted her. She tried to explain to me, but I went somewhere to take my Indian hemp to calm myself down.

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“But after taking some overdose, surprisingly, I found out that I became worse and lost my senses and control.

“I could not control myself any longer. I believed that a spirit entered me and I could not help it. I could not believe that I did that to a woman I loved so much. I believed she was the only thing I had in life.
I only returned to my senses when I opened my eye in the police station. I believed that what killed my wife and son was the demon inside me and not me.

“Honestly, I felt lost and I wished that situation could be reversed in my life.”

He said he dated his late wife for six years before marrying her, adding that they spent five years together before she passed away.

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He added: “I know I committed a crime, which I did not do with my clear eyes. I was ordained an evangelist in 2012, then I was doing well but when I begin to fall out of grace, my pastor told me about the consequences.

“He told me that time was coming when I would suffer for my evil action and that God does not want me to suffer. I cannot believe him until now.”

Citing his case as an instance, Obijofa urged people who craved a meaningful life to desist from drugs as such could destroy them.

He said: “Let’s stay away from drugs and Indian hemp; it is terrible. It doesn’t kill a man but it invokes the evil spirit in a man’s life.

“Whenever you take it, you will know that an evil spirit has been introduced into your system, which does not belong to you as a person.

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“Please let everybody stay away from drugs. I want to go back to my God if I have the second chance.”


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