Endsars: See What Some Youths Did In The Mall After Armed Policemen Chased A Man Into Shoprite

Recall that few months ago, thousands of Nigerian youths took to the street to protest against police brutality in Nigeria but unfortunately the end Sars protest led to the death of a lot of protesters in Lekki toll gate.


A Nigerian lady identified as Ayomi Banke took to her official twitter account to share a post in which she revealed that multiple armed police officer chased a man into shoprite mall and this sparked a lot of reactions on twitter.

The Nigerian lady shared a video in which the man who was chased into Shoprite mall narrated what happened and he revealed that after he bought things from ShopRite mall, some armed police officers tried to take him to their station without committing any offence so he ran inside the mall.

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The Nigerian lady revealed that after some armed policemen chased the unidentified man into shoprite, the youths in the mall have gathered around him and they won’t let the armed police officers take him away.

In her words the Nigerian lady said “Omo sars have started operating again o. I’m at Shoprite toll gate and they literally chased this guy inside with gun. Thank God he ran inside sef. We all gathered round him and didn’t allow them take him. Now he is stuck inside here till they leave #endsars”. See the screenshot of her post below:

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