A Commercial Motorcyclist Allegedly Kills Girlfriend ‘For Texting Another Man’ In Delta State

Delta State At 28: A Long Walk From Development.

Delta State At 28: A Long Walk From Development.

A commercial motorcyclist identified as Mr Happyman has been arrested in Oghara, Delta State over the murder of his girlfriend, Orie Evusi, who was declared missing four days ago.


According to OgharaVoice, a local tabloid in the state, Happyman allegedly killed Evusi for texting another man.


The police had launched an investigation into the matter after the deceased who left her home on Sunday, January 17, 2021 failed to return home, with her boyfriend as the prime suspect.


It was reported that Happyman was caught attempting to take his own life by drinking a poisonous substance a few days later. He was rushed to hospital by his neighbours who saw him trying to kill himself.

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During his interrogation, after he regained consciousness, Happyman said he killed his girlfriend because she was texting another man on her phone.


The motorcyclist also took police officers to Unoghovo bush where he deposited her corpse.


Recently, there have been many reported cases of crime of passion across the country.


For instance, on December 7, 2020, it was reported that a lady known as Ashi, doused the apartment of his boyfriend, Jude Atoza, in Benue with a keg of petrol and set it ablaze.


It was learnt that Atoza and Ashi had lived together for three years, but recent rifts forced the former to ask the latter to move out of his house.

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Ashi, who left without arguing, allegedly returned to the apartment with a few men and a keg of petrol, which was used to burn the building.


The fire incident left Atoza badly burnt.


Earlier, on November 16, 2020, 40-Year-Old Nicodemus Nomyange allegedly burnt himself and his girlfriend, Pam Shininenge, to death in Benue following the latter’s refusal to marry him.


It was learnt that Nomyenge, who was married with kids but having an extramarital affair with Pam, had asked her to marry him but she declined.


On that fateful day, Nomyange called Pam to his house, locked the door and set the house on fire.

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