The moment a 9-year-old girl caught CCTV footage as she put a whole supermarket in flames deliberately in Abuja has surfaced on the internet.

As reported earlier, the Prince Ebeano supermarket was razed down in fire and the fire started from Saturday night until Sunday morning after firefighters quenched it. The incident happed on July 17 at around 7 pm and a little girl is the prime suspect in this incident as she was seen walking to the gas section of the supermarket and lighting a match stick on some items there that eventually extended to the gas cylinder and stove.

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Her action was clearly intended as she was looking around to make she was not noticed putting fire into the supermarket. The blob of fire she left behind exploded, engulfing the supermarket in flames.

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According to TheCable, in another video, which shows the young girl being interrogated, she confesses to being taken to the supermarket by her mother.

The girl stated that her mother wanted to buy drinks for her sister in another section of the supermarket before leaving them for the gas section.

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In an interview with NAN on Sunday, Ibrahim Muhammad, public relations officer (PRO) of the federal capital territory fire service, said it is not yet known if there are casualties.

The cause of the fire, he claims, has yet to be determined.

We cannot say if any lives were lost to the inferno until the fire has been extinguished,” Muhammad said.

See video below;