5 Major Mistakes To Avoid While You Are In Love With Somebody

Falling in love can be exciting and energizing at the same time. It is always inexplicable to describe the warmness that flows through your heart each time you think of your love interest not to talk of your struggle in controlling those fluttering butterflies in your stomach. Being in love is an ethereal experience!

However, despite its amazement, being in love can be risky to your mental health — if you are not careful. Falling in love with someone even though you guys have everything in common could still cause you emotional pain if you choose to ignore the following five mistakes.

5 Major Mistakes To Avoid While You Are In Love With Somebody

1. Unnecessary attachment to your partner

We all enjoy it whenever we are there for the love of our life through thick and thin, it gives us that special sense of belonging that we are part of their future. But, such good intention could backfire in the long run when it’s not controlled.

It might be fun in the beginning but, it would become annoying later on. Naturally, the average humans need space sometimes. Your partner might get tired of you quickly if you are always at his/her face.

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2. You don’t know how to say no

It is normal at the beginning of every relationship to be at the beck and call of your partner. Because that is the stage when you are still excited about meeting your new love interest, you are careful not to be judged negatively. You want to do everything to please him/her.

It is advisable to accept that which you are capable of and reject what you believe is beyond your ability because who will love will still love you for who you are.

3. You are always struggling to define each other roles in the relationship

That you are in love with your partner does not mean that you guys can not define your roles in the relationship. Falling in love doesn’t mean falling into aimlessness.

Defining your roles in a relationship would go a long way in building your love and respect for each other. Insisting on it at the beginning does not mean you love your partner less.

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4. You are forced to assume responsibilities over everything in the relationship

One interesting thing about falling in love is that it gives you an erroneous belief that you can do many things for your partner. You believe that you can wrest the moon from the sky if that would make her happy. You think all the time that you can do the impossible for your partner.

The fact is, no matter how you feel for your partner, you should be aware that you are human — you are limited in many ways. Try making your partner share responsibilities in the relationship when necessary.

5. You always feel insecure whenever your partner is not physically with you

Insecurity is one of the major red flags in a relationship. You have to do a double-check on yourself if you are having unfounded trust issues with your partner.

At the beginning of your relationship, you might want to adduce it as part of showing care, however, if it becomes persistent while you progress, there is every tendency that your partner might start feeling controlled. Nothing is as annoying as being in a controlled relationship.

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Finally, loving somebody is a good thing, we naturally crave love and to be loved. That does not mean that you shouldn’t learn how to avoid the bobby traps that are enmeshed in it.

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